Starting new construction or thinking of upgrading your furnace?

Many homes still have mid-efficiency furnaces ranging from 78-82%, even as low as 60%. These furnaces are no longer available for purchase in B.C if the manufacturer dates is listed after January 1, 2010. High-efficiency furnaces are now mandated for new construction and replacements and have efficiencies of 90-98%. This gives you up to 98 cents worth of usable heat for every dollar you spend.

Your new furnace should fit your needs. A furnace that is too small will not keep your house comfortable during the cold weather, and a furnace that is too large will cost more in energy and cycle on and off more frequently. This will put more wear on components and might cause the temperature to vary.

At Thomas Heating & Electric our certified Heating technician can help you pick a furnace that is the right fit for your home.